A cash loan is a loan that the bank grants to the customer, provided that it is repaid in installments specified in the previous agreement. The funds incurred in this way can be used for various expenses. Unlike a loan, e.g. a mortgage, the liability is not secured by real estate. When borrowing a small amount, banks usually do not require security, although in some variants it is required in the form of a surety, promissory note or declaration of submission to enforcement.

The basic principles of cash loan operation are regulated by the Consumer Credit Act. It is the basis of the rights and obligations of the parties.

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The most important indicator of loan satisfaction with most customers is the so-called APRC rate, i.e. the actual interest rate, which is the total cost of the loan. We express them as a percentage of the annual loan amount, which gives a more complete picture of the receivables to be returned from the contracted liability, because not only the nominal interest rate is taken into account, but also the costs of granting the loan, commission

It is worth remembering that we should not fill in applications in a short time at several banks, because lenders send a credit history inquiry to the Credit Information Bureau, which counts the number of inquiries. A customer who submits loan applications at many banks is not considered reliable.

Therefore, we recommend using our advice, as our inquiries are not visible to the bank.

A cash loan can be taken for any purpose, however, we distinguish several types.

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One of the most popular types of loans is a consumer loan, also known as a loan or cash loan. The money that we obtain thanks to it can be used for various purposes, such as home renovation.

A consolidation loan is a solution for every person who experiences difficulties in paying off a few or even a dozen or so liabilities. Conducting consolidation in such circumstances is the optimal solution for several basic reasons, e.g. paying one lower installment, our finances regain balance. In addition, when taking out a consolidation loan, we often have the option of “selecting” additional cash.

Consumer credit does not have a legal definition, it concerns the way funds are spent – i.e. consumption. Consumer credit is protected by law, and more specifically by the Consumer Credit Act, which defines, among others rights and obligations of borrowers.

A revolving loan is inherently tied to a bank account and therefore often equated with an overdraft facility – however, it should be remembered that these are two separate financial products. A loan is also known as a revolving or credit limit, and its primary task is to increase the funds available on the account by a certain amount.